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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are an elegant way to improve the color, shape and size of teeth. They can also be used to make small corrections to the position and spacing of teeth.

Veneers are a tooth-shaped layer of porcelain that is custom-designed and characterized for each individual case.  Your teeth need only minimal preparation for veneers in order to accommodate the thickness of the material (which can be as little as 0.3 millimeters).  This is possible due to strengthening provided by a resin bond between the veneer and underlying tooth enamel.  Their ability to be thin makes veneers a conservative way to re-invent your smile.

Emily's Smile Reinvention:

(Name changed to protect privacy)


Emily saw Dr. Barnes several times before confiding that she had always felt insecure about her smile.  She felt her front teeth looked large  and her other teeth looked too "small and pointy."  Size discrepancies between teeth are common.  Emily's tooth proportions were made more noticeable by the slight rotation of her teeth.  After discussing her options with Dr. Barnes, Emily decided porcelain veneers were right for her.


Dr. Barnes used a diagnostic wax-up to plan for the new proportions of Emily's teeth.  She performed composite bonding on Emily's canines to make subtle changes in their shape and she placed porcelain veneers on Emily's lateral teeth to alter their size and angulation.  She hand stained and characterized the porcelain to ensure that they fit seamlessly into Emily's smile.  Emily was thrilled with the results of this subtle and conservative treatment.
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