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Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts, or anchors, surgically placed in the jaw (under the gums).  As the bone around an implant heals, it grows tightly against the threads of the implant to lock the implant firmly into place.  Once healed, a dentist "restores" the implant by using it to securely fasten prosthetic teeth on top of the implant.  


Dental implants are among the strongest, longest lasting and most predictable ways to replace teeth and are useful to replace one, a few or even whole arches of teeth.  They look natural and feel as close to having your own tooth again as current science allows.  

Dental implants have other unique and unmistakable benefits: Unlike other tooth replacement options, implants apply beneficial forces to the surrounding jaw with use and help to prevent the atrophy that occurs in the jaw after losing a tooth. They do not require shaving down the neighboring teeth to support a prosthetic tooth--making them far more conservative than traditional "bridges."  Restorations on dental implants are usually "fixed" and do not typically need to be removed by their wearers.  And dental implants can also dramatically increase bite strength, stability and satisfaction for complete denture wearers, too.

Curious to know if you are a candidate for dental implants?...
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