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Composite Bonding

With composite resin bonding it may be possible to completely makeover your smile without removing any natural tooth structure at all!  Our office uses the best composites available to create beautiful, wear-resistant restorations that have an excellent color match and durable shine.  Bonding can change the size, shape and spacing of teeth.  Composite can also be used to modify the color of some teeth and to replace small, blemished areas like white-spot defects. 

Well-executed composite bonding is a technique sensitive, highly skilled procedure that requires a truly artistic touch.  Dr. Barnes loves to do these cases for her patients because the results can be immediate and dramatic.

Julia's Smile Reinvention:

(Name changed to protect privacy)


Julia came to Dr. Barnes because she did not like her smile: both because of the uneven look of the old fillings on her lateral teeth (next to her front teeth) and because her front, left tooth was discolored from a traumatic childhood injury.  After years of tolerating these problems, she wanted to change and improve her appearance.


Dr. Barnes created balance and symmetry in the proportions of Julia's teeth using composite bonding to re-size and reshape her canines and lateral teeth.  She also used an internal bleaching procedure to lighten her darkened front tooth.  Dr. Barnes achieved Julia's beautiful result without the removal of any of her natural tooth structure.
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